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Category: Business
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We discuss topics related to workforce management, including human relations, staffing, recruiting, security, technology and more.

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Podcast Episode's:
Taking Care of the Caregivers
<p>In today's podcast we'll talk about Care2Caregivers, a helpline for caregivers for people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease, operated by Rutgers University Behavioral Healthcare.</p>
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How to Prevent Theft & Protect Residents in Your Facility
<p>In today's podcast, we talk with Dr. Stefanie Corbett, author of <em>The Theft Prevention Guide for Senior Living</em>. For over a decade, Dr. Corbett has served in various senior leadership roles in healthcare organizations. She travels the country teaching HC Pros' post-acute care boot camps. She founded a healthcare consulting firm, Corbett Healthcare Solutions based out of Charlotte North Carolina, in 2014 to assist healthcare organizations with regulatory compliance and clinical and financial operations management.</p>
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Prospective Residents Can ‘Test Drive’ a Senior Living Community
<p>In today’s podcast, we’ll talk about short-term stays at senior living communities, really short-term stays. Our guest is Ray Costello, founder of boomer bnb. Yes, boomer bnb is sort of an Airbnb for baby boomers.</p>
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The Lowdown on Licensing
<p>In today's podcast, we'll discuss the importance of protecting licensure in healthcare. Our guest is Lorie Brown, a registered nurse who also holds a master's degree in nursing and has practiced in a variety of nursing fields, including medical-surgical nursing, management, and administration. </p>
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Seniors Embracing Technology? Yes!
<p>In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss how technology is used to engage residents, family members, and staff in the senior care industry. Our guest is Jack York, founder of It’s Never 2 Late (IN2L), digital engagement technology for senior living community residents.</p>
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How Company Culture & Happy Employees Go Hand in Hand
<p>The topic of today's podcast is how company culture and happy employees go hand in hand. Our guest today is Kris Boesch, CEO and founder of Choose People, a company that transforms company cultures, increases employee happiness, and boosts the bottom line.</p>
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An Interview with Penny Cook, New President & CEO of Pioneer Network
<p>In today's podcast we'll talk with Penny Cook, the new president and CEO of Pioneer Network. This organization is at the forefront of changing the culture of aging, long-term care, and support of elders in America. A growing network of organizations and individuals across the nation and beyond, Pioneer Network is dedicated to making fundamental changes in values and practices to create a culture of aging and long-term care that is life affirming, satisfying, humane and meaningful.</p>
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How Practicing Compassion Can Prevent Burnout
<p>In today's podcast, we'll talk about the power of compassion and how it can prevent burnout among long-term care professionals. My guest today is Virginia Sampson. Virginia is passionate about disseminating the science-based message of the power of compassion to create success.</p>
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Demystifying Alzheimer's Care
<p>In today's podcast, we'll talk about Alzheimer's care. My guest today is Kerry Mills, who has earned recognition in the field. In 2011, she founded Engaging Alzheimer's LLC, which trains healthcare professionals, coaches families, and advocates for the cognitive impaired.</p>
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How LTC Can Partner with Patient Advocates
<p>In today's podcast, we'll talk about how long-term care facilities should view patient advocates as partners, not adversaries, and how they can work together. My guest today is Teri Dreher, a registered nurse with 36 years of experience and president of NShore Patient Advocates. She is committed to helping patients navigate acute illnesses and reducing the possibility of medical error.</p>
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Life Settlements and Long-Term Care: What You Need to Know
<p>In today's podcast, we'll discuss life settlements and how they not only benefit those who may be in need of long term care, but the long-term care facilities as well. Our expert is Bryan Freeman, president of Habersham Funding LLC, which he founded in 2001. He has been a licensed life insurance agent for 30-plus years.</p>
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What to Do Before and After Disaster Strikes
<p>In today's podcast, we'll discuss not only disaster preparedness but recovering from a disaster as well. Our expert today is Patrick Hardy, President and CEO of Hytropy.com, one of the leading disaster management companies in senior care.</p>
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Dealing with the Minimum Wage Hike & Proposed OT Rule
<p>In today’s podcast, we’ll talk about tips on how organizations in states, counties, and cities that have approved a minimum wage increase can manage this going forward. We’ll also discuss the new overtime rule that may be headed our way this October. Our guest today is Ken Bator, owner of Bator Training &amp; Consulting. Ken has 20-plus years of experience in helping organizations reach new levels of effectiveness.</p>
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Stop Agitating the Residents!
<p>In today’s podcast, we’ll talk about how long-term care facilities can implement proven techniques used successfully for decades by mental health facilities.</p>
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Five-Star and QAPI Compliance Tips
<p>In today's podcast, we'll talk about tips for regulatory compliance. Our guest today is Maureen McCarthy, president of Celtic Consulting LLC and the CEO and founder of Care Transitions LLP, a care coordination service provider.</p>
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Active Shooter Training: What It Is and Why It's Needed
<p>In today's podcast, we'll talk about active shooter training, a topic that, unfortunately, is a reality in our society. Our guest is Lieutenant Joseph A. Hendry Jr., a national trainer with the ALICE Training Institute.</p>
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New Year, New Hires
<p>The topic of today's podcast is New Year, New Hires. Our guest is Carol Looney, principal and co-founder of Signature HR Solutions, which provides human resources solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Carol, before we get started, can you tell us a little bit about your background in long-term care?</p>
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Unique Perks and Gift Ideas for Employees
<p>In today's podcast we'll talk about the unique perks and gift ideas for employees. Our guest is Carol Looney, principal and co-founder of Signature HR Solutions, which provides human resources solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.</p>
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A Conversation with Aging Pioneer Dr. Bill Thomas
<p>In today's podcast, we'll talk about unique senior housing options. Our guest is Dr. Bill Thomas, an author, entrepreneur, musician, teacher, farmer, and physician ― a geriatrician to be exact ― whose wide-ranging work explores the terrain of human aging. The Wall Street Journal has highlighted Dr. Thomas as one of the nation's top 10 innovators changing the future of retirement in America, and US News and World Report has named him as one of America's best leaders.</p>
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Boost Employee Morale During the Holidays
<p>In today's podcast, we'll talk about ways to boost employee morale during the holidays. Our guest is Carol Looney, principal and co-founder of Signature HR Solutions, which provides human resources solutions for small and midsize businesses.</p>
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The Challenges of Staffing During the Holidays
<p>In today's podcast, we'll talk about the <strong>challenges of staffing during the holidays.</strong> Our guest is <strong>Carol Looney, principal and co-founder of Signature HR Solutions,</strong> which provides human resources solutions for small and midsize businesses.</p>
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