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Category: Comedy
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Welcome to Getting Real With Andrew Cohen, where we interview teenagers doing great things with their lives.

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
#11 Christine Kao
<p>Hey Guys! Today my guest is CHRISTINE KAO, who is my childhood best friend. It was great catching up with her. We discuss her involvement in TeenUSA during her Junior year, where she wants to go to college, and more. Check it out now!</p> <p>Remember to like the Getting Real With Andrew Cohen facebook page, follow me on twitter @acohen203, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE!!!!</p>
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#10 Etderick Bettie
<p>Hey Guys! Sorry, we missed last week! Today on the show we have ETDERICK BETTIE, who is an actor, film producer, motivational speaker, and upcoming computer engineer. He wears many hats and we get into all of them in the interview. It is from the former Five Live Comedy, so the audio quality isn't too good. We also talk about the election. You know it's old because Donald Trump is still a nominee, sadly. </p> <p>Remember to like us on Facebook at Getting Real With Andrew Cohen, follow me on twitter @acohen203, and most importantly, SUBSCRIBE!!!</p>
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#9 Leo Lytel
<p>Hey Guys! We have another interview this week with LEO LYTEL. This is from the former Five Live Comedy so the quality might not be up to par but I'm sure it is still hearable. It is always nice to talk to a stand-up comedian. Enjoy!</p> <p>Remember to follow me on twitter at @acohen203 and follow the Getting Real With Andrew Cohen facebook page.</p>
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#8 Jacqueline Boothe
<p>Hey Guys! We have a brand new episode today with JACQUELINE BOOTH, who is a composer. She has composed music for 4 shorts, but she will definitely have more to come. Topics include New Zealand education system, why they call themselves Kiwis, and more. </p> <p>Remember to follow me on twitter with @acohen203 and like the Getting Real With Andrew Cohen page. Most Importantly, remember to SUBSCRIBE!!!</p>
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#7 Peter DaCunha
<p>Hey Guys! Check out my interview with actor PETER DACUNHA. He has a recurring role as Samuel Ramse in the Syfy series 12 Monkeys and played Prince Charles in the show Reign. Please Enjoy!</p> <p>Remember to subscribe on Itunes and please please please review the show! I would be eternally grateful! </p>
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#6 Jeremy Ray Taylor
<p>Hey Guys! As I've been saying all week, we have JEREMY RAY TAYLOR on the show today. He is a great actor, known for playing Ben Hanscom in the movie IT, which is in theaters now. I had a great conversation with him and I think you'll really enjoy it. By that last it, I mean him, not the movie. The movie is great too, so be sure to check out both.</p> <p>Remember to follow me on twitter with @acohen203 and follow us on Facebook with Getting Real With Andrew Cohen. And most importantly, REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE!!! Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!!!</p>
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#5 Brittany Fisheli - Part 2
<p>Hey Guys! We're back today with Part 2 of my interview with Brittany Fisheli. Enjoy!</p> <p>Remember to follow me on twitter with @acohen203 and like us on Facebook. Most importantly, SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES!!!!!</p>
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#4 Brittany Fisheli - Part 1
<p>Hey Guys! We are doing a 3 day episode week! Today and tomorrow we will be having BRITTANY FISHELI on the show. She is a very talented actress, singer, and dancer. She's the triple threat. I had a very good talk with her, which comes in two parts. PART ONE is today and PART 2 is tomorrow. It will all culminate when we have JEREMY RAY TAYLOR on the show, which is coming Wednesday. We'll talk more then.</p> <p>Remember to follow me on twitter with @acohen203 and follow us on Facebook. AND REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!</p>
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#3 Robert Capron
<p>Hey, Guys! It's at an end of our three-day episode special and we are ending it on an amazing note: ROBERT CAPRON. He is an actor known for his role as Rowley Jefferson in the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid franchise. Besides that, he is just an awesome guy who deserves every minute of the hour and fifty minutes we talked. I highly recommend you check it out because the quality is amazing and the interview was amazing. This was recorded sometime last year or early this year so the dates might be a bit confusing.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

#2 Ashley Liao
<p>Hey Guys! Back again today! Today we have on the show ASHLEY LIAO, who I did a ball-busting 1 and a half hour conversation with. Even though it is super long, it is super fun and I highly recommend you check it out. Liao will also be on the new season of Fuller House, coming soon to Netflix!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

#1 Michael Campion
<p>Welcome to our first OFFICIAL episode! Today my first guest is MICHAEL CAMPION. This interview is actually pre-recorded from when I did my first podcast, Five Live Comedy. Because of that, The quality isn't too good. I still think it was a great interview that should be shared, especially with the third season of Fuller House coming to Netflix. Enjoy!</p>
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<p>Hey guys, Welcome to Getting Real With Andrew Cohen. This is a brand new show that is going to be the best show of all time. Probably. I really don't know. It could really go crap or it could make $50 trillion dollars. We'll see. Keep watch for our first official episode this Wednesday with guest Michael Campion. </p>
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